Enrollment is now open for a very limited time & with limited seating. Are you ready to provide the perfect beauty experience?

Imagine becoming the ultimate go-to beauty expert that provides elite services that give clients an elevated beauty experience. With our various one to three-day training courses on eyebrow and lash services, you will gain the knowledge and expertise that can help double your income, triple your clientele and help you become another success story in a multi-million dollar industry.

...Becoming your own boss with a schedule tailored to your lifestyle?


...Creating, not waiting, for the career change you desire to make the money you deserve and gain financial freedom?


...Building a reputable beauty business that creates the ultimate beauty experience for others?

What if we told you that you can achieve your dream of becoming a six-figure beauty expert in less than a week for only $1500-2500?

Here's a secret: You can.




















































Burnt out from trying to meet the needs of your everyday job?

Tired of missing out on quality time with family and friends?

Desiring to make more money to fuel the life you desire and command $50-150 per hour?

Wanting to create a schedule tailored to your lifestyle?

Dreaming of becoming your own boss?

If you answered yes to some or all of these, then it's time you reserved your

spot for the Sabby Beauty training course.     

Everyone says "I want to become my own boss but the cost of starting a business is too expensive". So then why are other successful beauty professionals able to invest and make sacrifices to create the life they desire?


Becoming your own boss and a certified technician is absolutely possible if you learn the strategies, tools, and techniques that I will teach you in our knowledge-based courses. Because I've been where you are. 

Ever wondered how you can become a top-rated beauty specialist, but you've been fearful of failing?

It sucks being overwhelmed by not having enough time to invest in the career you dream of due to your everyday workload. 

It sucks constantly wondering if you'll make it every month because your current pay isn't enough.

It sucks watching others start and excel in being a certified technician and being able to create the life they want. 

It sucks feeling behind in your career and believing you could have been further along had you trained with a more reputable and experienced trainer. 

It sucks that you're still struggling professionally and not offering beauty services that can be lucrative and profitable for your business.

Not making the self-investment to enroll in an eyebrow or eyelash training course designed to elevate you is keeping you from living the life you want and making the money that's available to you!

There are 3 things most aspiring beauty professionals are doing

before they enroll in our training courses:

Attempting to learn strategies and techniques on how to be a professional beauty expert by attending "YouTube University." 

Working with other individuals who are not properly equipped or experienced to train them.

Thinking you can wait to kickstart your journey to become a beauty expert yet keep missing opportunities to get started.

I want to help you gain confidence and become the best in the beauty game while expanding your income.

Would you like to learn the ins and outs of the beauty industry and become the go-to beauty expert?    

The educational destination for aspiring beautypreneurs who want to successfully become their own boss and gain the knowledge and skills to offer elite beauty services for women.



















  • Charlotte 

  • Raleigh

  • Wilmington

  • Atlanta

  • Miami

  • Nashville 

  • Orlando

  • Jacksonville Nc 

  • New York, New York

  • New Orleans 

  • Las Vegas 

  • San Diego 

  • Los Angeles

  • Ohio

  • Houston Texas

  • Dallas Texas 

  • Michigan 

  • Montreal 

Not sure if this is right for you? Reach out to me at sabby@sabbybeauty.com and let's discuss your goals. Financing is also available. 

Non-Student price: $4,000

(Did NOT Train With Sabby Beauty)

Student price: $3,000

(Did Train With Sabby Beauty)

Payment can be made by Cash, Venmo, Zelle, paypal (gift only) or Cash App only and must be paid in full on the first day of the apprenticeship. 

6 months, hands on, apprenticeship 

Up to 10 unlimited shadowing ($2000 value) for the technique you were trained in only, and wherever permitted. Shadowing consists of watching me work on various clients (new, corrections and/or touch ups). I go over mapping, pigment selection, color correction, safety & sanitation, picture taking & picture editing, marketing & branding tips waiver & consent forms, aftercare and much more.

Station rental for 6 months (you must provide a schedule)

4 live models for you to work on under my supervision in my studio. You may use my supplies and equipment for the models. The two models will be provided (or you may bring your own). The models will only be provided once you're ready for one. Models will be provided at 2-3 months and at 5-6 months. The live model practice will show you how much you've  improved in your skill and give you the confidence to work on your own.

Every other week we will meet at my studio so I can see your practice skins and critique them. You will be required to practice on latex skins. I will make corrections where needed so you can study them. There is not a required amount of skins you'll need to provide but practice makes better. You must provide them until I see there has been improvement in your skill if improvement was needed. These skins will show me the areas you need help on. If you are out of town/state students you can submit picture of the practice skins.

To get the most out of my program, you are required to have taken a Microblading, Microshading or Ombre Powder training course prior to starting.

If you haven't done so, we can train you. If you've trained with me or choose to train with me, the apprenticeship is $3000 for 6 months. If you've taken a course elsewhere, it's $4000 for 6 months.

****Training is not included in the price of the apprenticeship****

Once your 6 months is complete, you will receive a certificate specifying the hours you've completed in the Sabby Beauty Apprenticeship Program.

 I will still be available to you for any questions you may have with a lifetime of support.

Please call 910-320-3540 to schedule your apprenticeship today!

Any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Beauty expert and permanent makeup artist, Sabby, has dominated the beauty industry for 10 years with training courses hosted all over the southeast region. With much determination and dedication as a single mother, Sabby was driven to create the life she desired. Sabby has been an asset to many as a licensed esthetician, certified ombre, microshading, microblading, and eyelash extension specialist, and trainer.


Given her experience and expertise, Sabby has successfully offered and completed numerous beauty enhancing training programs. Doing so, Sabby enures and delivers the utmost quality service to her clients and training to her students. Sabby equips each student with the knowledge and tools needed to become the ultimate beauty expert.

Sabby became a well-known established beauty trainer located in Charlotte, NC. She uses her platform to give back to the community and inspire other single mothers, so that they too can be their own boss and run a successful business in a multi-million dollar industry.


As a firm believer in 'you can do anything', Sabby operates based on her ability to overcome and encourage others to take authority in creating the life they want.

Gain exclusive knowledge, techniques, strategies and skills on how to offer eyebrow and eyelash services while becoming an asset to the beauty industry

Obtain confidence in becoming your own boss and learning the ins and outs to building a successful, sustainable beauty business

Learn the possibilities of creating the life you desire and deserve to create time with the people you love

Imagine if you could...

Make your own schedule tailored to your lifestyle that permits time for you to enjoy it

Dramatically increase your income and build a reputable, lucrative business that is well-known

Be your own boss, set your own rules, and no longer be limited by the boundaries of working for someone else